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How old do I have to be to join?

A scout can be of any age. We have groups for all ages.

PERHEPARTIO – Family scouting 0-6 years – Every child in family scouting needs to be joined and supervised by an adult from their own family.

SUDENPENNUT – Cubs and brownies, 7-9 years

SEIKKAILIJAT – Adventurers, 10-12 years

TARPOJAT – Trackers, 12-14 years

SAMOAJAT – Explorers, 15-17 years

VAELTAJAT – Rovers, 18-22 years

AIKUISET – Adults, 22 years and up

Can an adult join?

Yes, adults are welcome to join too, no previous experience needed.

I have not been a scout before, can I join?

Scouting in Finland requires no previous experience, and anyone can join regardless of age, sex, or cultural or political background.

I do not belong to church, can I join?

Yes, you are welcome to join. While we work in cooperation with the local parishes, and we meet at the Hervanta church, we do not require you to belong to church, nor do you have to participate in religious events.

How much does scouting cost?

The membership fee for scouting in the Häme area is approximately 60 euros per year. In addition, members are to pay the Hervannan Hukat membership fee of 15 euros. The benefits of these fees include a secondary insurance, a 10% discount in scouting stores, and magazines and newsletters from organizations. The benefits of the group membership fee includes our own magazine Hukkis, as well as the scouting neckerchief in the first year after joining.

The costs for weekend trips and camps are about 10-15e/day for our groups own events, and more for events organized by the Häme district, and the Scouts and Guides of Finland.

What equipment do I need?

For weekly meetings it’s enough to bring yourself. You’ll be provided with a neckerchief by the group. It’s good to have clothes suitable for a variety of activities, depending on the weather, since we might be holding the meeting outside. A scouting shirt is a plus.

For camps you should have a rucksack to pack your equipment in. Equipment includes weather-suitable clothes, nightclothes, beanie, scarf, scout necker, boots, gloves, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, plastic or metal meal kit including a plate, mug, knife, fork and spoon, and hygiene equipment.

The gear doesn’t need to be brand-new or of the highest quality. You can always start by borrowing from friends and neighbors, and collecting your own equipment with time and consideration.

Where can I buy equipment for scouting?

Scandinavian outdoor sells scout clothing, patches etc. as well as equipment for a wide range of outdoor activities.  There are also many second-hand stores etc you van look from.

Do you know any good camping sites near you?

Yes, there are a few.

Firstly, in Finland we have this thing called Freedom to roam, or Everyman’s rights, which allows everyone to enjoy nature within certain rules. So, you could put your tent wherever you want. To read more, look here.

You could also choose to spend a night in a lean-to, and there are a few along the Birgitta nature trail. More info may be found here.